Three Shirt Mystery Bundle

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They're back! Mystery shirt bundles!

Three shirts for $25!  You choose the size, we choose the shirts. 

While you most likely won't get a shirt that is exactly like one in our store, you will get rare or out-of-print shirts, shirts that say "Blood & Thunder", or current or classic designs printed on a shirt that is a different color than what is sold on our site.

We are trying to include shirts that were not in the last mystery bundle, but no promises :)


  • For unisex, you will only get t-shirts (maybe a long sleeve/baseball shirt).
  • *** For women's, you may get t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, etc.
  • Brands of shirts may vary as well as material.
  • Because of different brands, the fit of each shirt may differ between brands even though they are the same sizes.
  • You may get an odd color, like neon orange, pastel green, etc. Don't expect only black tees.

No exchanges or returns on this product.