Meet Killo Kitty

Meet Killo Kitty
Meet Killo Kitty
By Fifi LeFlufy
Photos by Focalwise Photography, and ToughGirlsOnEightWheels and Vegas Shooter Photography
Northridge, California Office Manager, Killo Kitty, started skating back in Jr. High School. She found Roller Derby when a friend asked her to attend an LA Derby Dolls’ practice. We asked her to share her story with us.

One day, a friend of mine, Miss Kim, was like, “HEY! Check out these LA Derby Dolls. They are HOT. I am going to go to a practice and try to hook up.” I was like, “OH! Okay, cool! I will go with you, but I wanna go to skate and hit people.” So she emailed Myna Threat and we went to our very first banked track practice together. We drove down to the mall in Little Tokyo in downtown LA, went to this side back corner of the mall that seemed like it wasn’t frequented by many… I was like, “Miss Kim, WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?” We walked in and saw this HUGE bowl shaped track. I saw girls skating on it, going super-fast, and looking like they were having a BLAST. I was mesmerized! I found some smelly pads, strapped on my skates (from Junior High!!), signed my waiver, and never looked back. Miss Kim, not so much. She didn’t go with me to the next practice.

I really LOVE being a super aggressive athlete. When I first started playing sports, I played basketball. I was a Center, which is the person who usually gives and takes a lot of body contact since you are the one under the basket. I also played tournament paintball for 5 years that I LOVED. It was a super aggressive sport, but mostly male dominated, so I really missed the camaraderie of an all-female sport. So, thank goodness I found ROLLER DERBY in 2007! (SWOOOOON)
You joined LADD in March of 2007 and your first game was in April of the same year?
Yes. This was back in the day when Roller Derby was newer and we all just wanted to skate. No freshie tryouts, just strap on skates and, if you can stay up, GET IN THERE! Don’t get me wrong, I skated and practiced HARD before that first game, which is why I (IMO) was able to skate so soon. When I wasn’t skating on the banked track, I was outdoors falling all over rocks and cracks in driveways, tripping over my skates practicing t-stops, getting laughed at by my kids. After that, I made sub pool, and finally became a big girl TEAM SKATER by the end of 2007. I skated for the Sirens. We were the “cop” team, almost villainous…it was actually right up my alley. We kicked ass and were champs that year. 
Do you have a Derby Crush and /or a Derby Wife? 
YES, I have both! I crush on Demolicious. Co-founder of the LA Derby Dolls. She dedicated more than anyone will ever know to her league. I think no one will ever quite understand the dedication it takes to keep a roller derby league afloat…let alone successful. I know she didn’t do it alone, but she did carry a huge load on her shoulders for many, many, many years. And for that she is my derby HERO!! My Derby wife, LEGacy, skated with me at LADD and I am super lucky my wife came with me to SFVRD. She is my bestie and my rock!
Since you started in Roller Derby what Teams or Leagues have you played on? 
I started with LADD and then founded San Fernando Valley Roller Derby in 2011. I have also played on a few specialty teams: Rejects, Team Cruz, Caulksuckers, Yellow Fever and Team Pandamonium.
Tell us more about San Fernando Valley Roller Derby?
SFVRD actually started as a Junior League. I think we are the only league ever that can say that. I have three daughters – Devil or Nothing, Bustyer Butt, and BAMber. They started at LAJrDD in 2009. After a couple of years, my daughters and I decided that we really thought the San Fernando Valley (a suburb of Los Angeles and FILLED with kids) could really use a great sport like roller derby, so we talked to our local rink, Northridge Skateland, and they loved the idea. That was January 2011. From there, I decided to retire from LADD and banked track and start my new life in the flat track world.
SFVRD took a page from the old skool days of derby when all we wanted to do was skate, and that is what we did! I want everyone (who wants to) to play roller derby, whether you are a slow learner or a former figure skater. If you wanna play derby, GET IN THERE! (shove). At SFVRD we have different levels of “dedication”. 
San Fernando Valley Roller Derby currently has 3 Home Teams Balboa Bandits, Reseda Wreckers, and Topanga Maul Rats. These teams are not as strict with attendance, so this allows for a lot of moms or professionals who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to practices to still skate and have fun. We just really want people to get fit and active! 
The Travel Teams – The Like OMGs (A-team), The Wipe Outs (B-team), and Fer Sures (C-team) These are skaters who can dedicate a bit more time and energy into practices. 
Get connected to SFVRD
Instagram- @sfvrollerderby
Twitter – @sfvrollerderby

Huge congratulations goes to SFVRD’s Like OMGs for taking the win at the Battle for the Coast tournament in Ventura, California this past weekend.


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